How Are Our Products More Sustainable?


We use FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified, recycled wood that has been obtained ethically and responsibly. We share the FPC’s values and mission statement: to encourage sustainable and responsible use of our forests. As a result, we make sustainable, reclaimed wooden furniture that prevents deforestation and keeps our forests healthy and happy. You can find out more about the FSC here.



By using traditional methods of crafting, we’re able to reduce our environmental impact significantly more than non-sustainable competitors. Our reclaimed wooden furniture is finished with water based materials and formaldehyde-free nitrocellulose in order to reduce our impact on the environment. All of our wood is recycled and reclaimed which reduces our carbon footprints and actively reduces the need for deforestation in our most vulnerable habitats. In addition, all of our off-cuts are used to power kilns and boilers, ensuring there’s no wastage in our manufacturing process. 

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By using recycled timbers we’re able to reduce the need for deforestation in the Earth’s most vulnerable forests. By avoiding deforestation in our supply chain, we’re able to maintain habitats for wildlife across the globe. This includes some of earth’s most endangered species, and helps us preserve habitats and wildlife for future generations.



By crafting furniture from reclaimed wood, our expertly made furniture is durable and strong; perfect for a piece of furniture that you’ll love in your home for years. The natural ageing process of wood strengthens it creating long lasting beautiful pieces that will last and last.



For every order, we plant a tree in a vulnerable habitat in partnership with a reforestation charity. This allows us to give something back to the planet and rebuild natural habitats for some of the world’s most precious wildlife. It also allows us to help communities around these forests by helping increase jobs, combat air pollution and help preserve soil quality.

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