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Frequently Asked Questions

Shipping & Delivery

How long will my order take to be delivered?

Your estimated delivery lead time is displayed on each product and also shows within your cart and checkout before ordering. We sell a range of different items which have different lead times set depending on how long each different will take the product to arrive with the customer.

What days and times do you deliver?

Our couriers are available to deliver between 8 am and 9 pm, seven days a week.

Can you deliver outside UK Mainland?

We do not currently deliver outside of the UK mainland.

I have parking or access restrictions outside my home, can you still deliver?

Yes, our chosen couriers are equipped to handle all sorts of tricky and difficult deliveries, they are furniture specialists who will endeavour to deliver to any fixed address. 

How will my furniture be delivered?

All deliveries will be complete by a two-man team and will be delivered to the room of choice. All couriers are specialists in delivering large, bulky item such as furniture, ensuring you will not have to worry about awkward delivery on arrival, we are equipped to manage any situation! 

Can I change my delivery details?

Your details can be changed at any point, however delivery addresses will need to be changed two weeks before delivery to ensure no failed deliveries. If you would like to change your delivery address, time or details please contact us as soon as possible either to or telephone customer services and we can update your details and communicate with shipping providers on your behalf. Once accepted and updated, the shipping details will be amended on your Tracking Link. 

For more information on tracking links, please read our information here or view the question 'Where can I find my delivery tracking link?' at the top of the Customer Help Centre page. 

How does shipping work when ordering miltiple items? Will the shipping be staggered or combined?

We will always deliver complete orders unless a request has been made to split, this means that the item with the longest lead time will set the delivery date, to ensure orders are not split into separate deliveries, unless specifically requested. All requests need to be sent to or telephone us on 03 330 440 117

Who do I contact if I have an issue with shipping?

For any issues regarding delivery we recommend using our live chat at the bottom left of every page on the website. Alternatively you can email us at call on 03 330 440 117

What does estimated dispatch mean?

Estimated dispatch is the typical conservative estimate of the amount of time it will take us to process your order to the shipping phase, and passed onto couriers for delivery. There is a small range of estimated times for different products which is determined by the stock levels, the location of the stock held or if the item is pre-built for order of specifically made-to-order. 

Who are Point to Point Couriers?

Point to Point are our chosen delivery courier. For more information on Point to Point please view their website for full details

Point to Point are specialists in providing bulky, high-value and potentially fragile or breakable large items, also providing 2-man delivery to ensure the customer never has to take any responsibility for moving items into their desired location at the delivery destination.

Point to Point are a reliable, estabolished copmany who have been in the distribution and logistics business in the UK for 40 years! 

How will I be contacted by courier to arrange delivery?

Point to Point will contact you via text, email & phone. All delivery dates will first be text to you and then confirmed by phone call. Failure to confirm the delivery date will void the delivery until confirmed. We endeavour to provide a personal service so that the delivery can be distributed and received accurately first time. 

You can also check your tracking anytime by checking your tracking link. For more information on tracking your order please view the Question at the top of the Help Centre page entitled 'Where can I find my delivery tracking link?'

If you have any issues arranging courier please contact us directly on or telephone our customer service department on 03 330 440 117

How will i be communicated with for my order status updates including shipping?

You will receive automatic notifications of your order via Email and SMS, as well as telephone if there has been no reply to the SMS.

You can also at any time track the status of your order by checking the Tracking on the website by logging into your account and viewing the My Orders page and click on the Order itself to see the current status as well as the individual order details. 

Why and how do we offer free shipping over £100?

We believe delivery should always be free! The shipping we provide for our furniture items is very specialised and specific for the nature of the items we distribute. We like to build in the shipping costs into our items, and overall we believe that all orders over £100 should always be free for our customers! 

Cards & Payments

What payment options are available?

There are multiple ways to complete purchases on Reclaim Nation; 

1. Debit Card (VISA or Mastercard)

2. Credit Card (VISA or Mastercard)

3. PayPal (or PayPal Pay-in-3)

4. Klarna 

5. Apple Pay

6. Google Pay

7. Wholesale Business Invoice

Which types of cards do we accept?

We accept all card types that are enabled by VISA or Mastercard, PayPal and Klarna are also accepted 

Are items already inclusive of VAT and any other taxes?

All items are already inclusive of VAT and all other taxes and duties - there are no additional charges, duty or taxes 

How does Klarna work and how do I use it?

With Klarna Pay Later, Klarna Pay Now, and Klarna Slice It, your customers can choose to pay for their orders with a variety of options. These different payment options let customers pay immediately, by invoice, or through instalments using direct debit or credit card. 

To use Klarna, select Klarna from the Checkout payment options 

How secure are my credit/debit card details?

Shopify Payments is PCI compliant and supports 3D Secure checkouts, making it one of the most secure payment gateways in the world. 

Am I eligible for finance?

Please visit Klarna's Eligibility Checker via this article to understand eligibility to use Klarna. For more details on how to get approved to use Klarna please also read this article

How do I make payments to my Klarna agreement?

For full details on how to make payments to Klarna please read this article for full details

Returns & Refunds

What information do you need to process a replacement, collection or refund?

We will require an order number and details of the request. All requests need to be sent to telephone us on 03 330 440 117

What do I do if I want a refund or return?

If you would like to return an item for a refund please contact us at and a member of our team will help get this arranged

If I have a complaint, what should I do?

If you have a complaint please send it over to and a member of our team will pass it on to our service team to review and respond as quickly as possible

How long does it take to process a refund back into my account?

After approved, the payment will take 3-5 working days to process back into your account, this is a secure system that we cannot access directly and do no make manual transactions to ensure safety and security of funds and confidential personal data. 

Orders & Status

How can I track my order status?

Every order we receive will be assigned an individual tracking link, after the order has been processed to our delivery courier. 

You can find a tracking link within the email confirmation we send you and in the my account section on the website. 

To find your tracking simply login to your account by clicking the Login button in the top-right corner of every page, or by Clicking Here

Once you have logged into your account, you will see My Orders.  See Below...

From My Orders page, you can click on the order ID link, which will take you to the individual order page. 

Once you are here you can simply click the Tracking link from the top of the screen which will open out your unique delivery tracking link managed by the Shipping provider, see image below for an example of a tracking link...

Quick Tracking: You can also check your Tracking info by opening the Customer Services dialogue box (labelled with a '?' question mark) in the bottom-right corner of each page, you will need your customer email address and order number to get to your order tracking link, please see below for screenshots. 


STEP 1 - Open the dialogue box in bottom-right corner marked '?' , click on the 'Track' button...

STEP 2 - Enter your order number, email address and click the 'Track' button...

How can I place an order?

If you would like to place and order simply add the item / items you would like to your basket and follow the checkout instructions. Alternatively if you would like to speak to order with a person please call 03 330 440 117

If you are looking to make an order for your business, please contact us directly on or review our Business & Wholesale information and Orders pages

How can I place a business wholesale order?

If you are looking to make an order for your business, please contact us directly on or review our Business & Wholesale information and Orders pages


Where can I find product dimensions?

All of product dimensions are located within the 'Product Specification' dropdown on the right-hand panel of each product page, you can also find this in image form in each product image gallery.

My contact details have changed since ordering. How can I update them?

For any update to contact information please email us at or telephone us directly as soon as possible on 0333 339 9963

General Enquiries

How can I reset my password?

To reset your password, Click Here and enter your email address. Once received the password reset email you can click the reset button and create a new password, then login to your account using the new password. 

How do I read the blog?

All sorts, our blogs are filled with how to guides, look-books, style trends and much much more. You can view our latest blogs by clicking here

How do I find the size and dimensions of the product in centimetres?

All of product dimensions are shown in Centimetres (cm) and are located within the product specification on the right-hand side of the product page

What do you mean by hand-made?

Hand made is the process of making our products by hand rather than using large mass production machines. We feel this makes all of our products a more unique and characterful

How do I redeem my new customer discount?

If you sign up to our mailing list you will receive an email showing your discount code. Simply put this into the voucher code section at the checkout or click the link at the top of every page or in the email notification and it will be applied to your Cart price 

How do I contact customer services department?

To contact our service team you can either email us at or message us on our live chat function at the bottom left of the screen, or telephone us directly on 0333 339 9963

Do you offer any aftercare or maintenance services?

We offer a 1-year manufacturers guarantee on all of our products, we also offer at-home maintenance services for any technical problems you may encounter with your item

Can I have a copy of my invoice or receipt?

You will receive an automatic order receipt via email and accessible from your My Account page, once you have placed an order, business customers will receive a VAT receipt upon request or account setup

What if something goes wrong?

If any changes or an issues comes up simply contact us and a member of our team will assist you immediately! 

Can I order for my business online?

You can see all our B2B products online and can also place B2B orders using the following link

Can we alter products or build bespoke items?

For individual items we cannot alter or bespoke build individual items. If you are a trade customer we can indeed alter products and make bespoke to fit bulk-order requirements. For more info please contact us at 

Do you offer Bluelight discount?

We offer an extra 5% discounts for all blue light card members. To get your discounts please head to the blue light card website and redeem your voucher code

What does reclaimed mean?

Reclaimed Wood: 

Reclaimed Wood refers to wood that has been reclaimed from a previous use - generally as a building material. This is wood that has been removed from a building or other application and is being given a second life as a new product.

Wood that's recycled and reused to meet today's ever-growing need for sustainable and eco-friendly homes and businesses. Reclaimed wood shouldn't be confused with salvaged wood, which has been cut and stored for several years, but not used for any form of construction. 

Aged timber gives reclaimed wood more strength and durability The reason reclaimed wooden flooring is stronger and will last longer than flooring produced from newer timber, is because the older wood is less likely to split.

How do I create an account?

When you place an order with us the options to create and account will show as part of the checkout process. You can also create an account by visiting this page to register a New Customer account

How do I login to my account?

To login to your account simply click Login/Signup to My Account or click the following link to view the Login page. 

If you need to create an account please register from the Sign Up page

If you need to reset your password please visit the Reset Password page

How can I join the mailing list? What types of offers, news and updates will I receive by email?

You will be notified of competitions, offers and discounts, upcoming sales, limited edition items, low stock levels, new launches, VIP events, blogs and much much more!

Are you on social media? Which social media platforms do we use?

We are indeed! You can check us out on the following....







Product Information

Do products from different ranges match?

Lost of our ranges use the same finishes and follow similar trends because of this we believe you can mix and match. If you have any style enquires please contact us and a member of our team will be more than happy to help!

Does your furniture come with a warranty?

We offer 1-year manufacturers guarantee on all of our products 

What types of wood do you use?

Within our products we have a mix of soft and hardwood, mostly pine, oak and elm.

Can I see all of your ranges in a physical retail store?

Yes, we have galleries available in the South-West of the UK, see this page for all locations.

What types of finishes are used on the wood?

All of our reclaimed wood products are finished with a light varnish

How do I book a virtual viewing?

Simply use the following link to book a virtual viewing which will be conducted on FaceTime or Whatsapp Video call, we will call you at the scheduled time slot. 

Will any table legs or seat legs scratch my floor?

All our dining tables have rubber stoppers at the bottom of the legs to help stop scratching from becoming an issue 

Can I put hot items directly on the wood surfaces? Can the tables be used outdoors?

We would not recommend putting hot plates directly on any of our products without using a matt. Although outdoor use is not strictly advised against, the surfaces are NOT designed to be kept outdoors.

Reclaimed Furniture Info & Care Instructions

Each piece of reclaimed furniture has its own story to tell. Every bump and groove a tell-tale sign of a previous life. 

Recycled timber from old house and boat building material, gives this furniture a unique and individual charm. 

No two pieces are ever identical and the beauty of owning one of these exquisite items is to have a totally exclusive and unique piece of furniture in your home. 

• Cracks and splits may occur in recycled timber, this is perfectly normal with this type of material and may occur as the product ages within the home. You may even find areas of wood filler and infills on your reclaimed furniture, including table tops and doors

• The colours on the timber will vary from piece to piece – this is part of the rustic charm of these beautiful collections

• The uniqueness and beauty of this natural product may also display the following characteristics

• Nail marks 

• Dents 

• Scratches 

• Bore Holes 

• Cracks and Splits 

All signs of a beautifully hand-crafted product of nature

Care Instructions: 

● Reclaimed furniture is not waterproof, heat resistant or immune to chemicals. Do not put hot dishes or cups on any surface, always use an insulated mat for protection. 

● Don’t use a protective cover containing rubber derivatives – it could react with the finish. 

● Dining tables should not be placed directly in front of a heat source, such as a radiator or underfloor heating as this will cause the humidity in the wood to drop resulting in some cracking. 

● Wooden products change colour with exposure to both natural and electric light. Rotate any ornaments to avoid patches of colour where an object has stood. 

● Sharp objects such as cutlery and pans can score the surface of your furniture, as can crockery being dragged across the top.

Cleaning Instructions 

● Spills should be removed immediately by dabbing the area using a clean damp cloth. Do not rub across the surface as this will damage the finish to the top of the table or cabinet. 

● We recommend cleaning with a damp cloth followed by a dry cloth. Never use vinegar, lemon juice or other cleaners containing acids, scouring powders or cream cleaners, which may contain abrasives. 

● Should you wish to apply a protective finish to your table, please apply a light coat of Osmo Wood Wax or Isoguard Natural Finish. Both products available on the internet. 

If your furniture becomes stained, scratched or chipped, or suffers other damage we recommend the following action. 

● Coloron Wood Dye 

Various colours are available to match the colour of your table. Simply follow the application instructions and then finish with a coat of Colron Refined Finishing Wax. 

● Ronseal Multi-Purpose Wood Filler 

Ideal for filling in cracks and splits and is available in various colours to match the finish of your table or cabinet. Once again follow the application instructions for best results.