5 Tips For A Sustainable Christmas!

This Christmas try and go without wrapping your gifts with paper and find creative alternatives to wrap your presents. For example, you could use a cloth item that could be a gift in itself such as a bandana or attractive scarf.

For those who really enjoy tearing open their wrapping to find their presents, try and use 100% recycled paper as not all wrapping paper is recyclable or, use old newspapers or comics and wrap your gifts in a unique way and for an extra challenge see if you can avoid using tape as that is not recyclable!

227,000 miles of wrapping paper is thrown away each year. That's enough to circle the world 9 times!

Thanks to technology there are other energy saving alternatives out there so that your energy consumption doesn’t need to be so high.

LED Christmas lights are a great swap from your conventional Christmas decorations because not only do they look great, but they are also affordable, use up to 90% less energy, release little heat and last way longer too. You’ll be able to save money and help to protect our planet!

Not just for Christmas but more often, think locally when you go shopping or out for a meal. Try making your holiday feast more thoughtful and vibrant by supporting local British farmers who have produced their meats, dairies and vegetables sustainably.

Also, opting for seasonal and organic food means you’ll be supporting the UK’s nature-friendly farmers who use fewer pesticides and support a diverse and healthy wildlife. Not only does local, organic food taste better, but you’re also doing a huge part for the community and the planet too.

Why not try cutting back on the gift-giving or and embrace the true essence of the Christmas spirit and spend more time with your loved ones and do an activity together. Or, if you can’t give up gift-giving, be creative with it and explore new ideas.

You could create a personalised DIY gift that will hold a lot of sentimental value, gift an experience day, gift something edible because who doesn’t love food! Or you could give your loved one a zero-waste or sustainable gift, something they’ll use every day, pre-loved items that won’t cost the earth or something that has been made sustainably.

Each year, the UK spends a combined total of around £700 million on unwanted presents!

Our final tip to make the end of your year more sustainable, gift the gift of giving or give the gift of time. You could help out in your community and local shelter, give quality time to your loved ones or do a bit of both and help out a local cause with your loved ones.

You could also make a donation to an environmental cause, organise a Christmas collection where you involve your friends and family to participate by raising money or collecting gifts for something or even plant some trees yourself or through an initiative and go into the new year with a positive outlook.