20 Ways To Create A Hand-Crafted Home

How to makeover your house in a modern-rustic style that celebrates original craftsmanship

  1. Combine the rough with the smooth to add textural appeal. Here, in this rustic setting, upholstery in vintage linen, natural flooring and woven basketry and textiles have been paired with planed woods and crisp paintwork to perk up a monochrome palette.


2. Find inspiration at galleries and independent shops for creative ways to display collections and individual pieces. Gather a wall gallery of screen prints or pressed flowers and foliage to add to the natural aesthetic.



3. Relax the rules by embracing the imperfect, misshapen and organic. Here, this effect is achieved with crumpled washed linen bedding, textured walls and distressed wood. You could also use ceramics that show unique signs of the potter’s hand or have uneven glazes.



4. Coordinate collections such as a group of woven cloths with nubbly textures, frayed edges or hand-dyed sheets to make interchangeable tablecloths and runners.



5. Choose hand woven cushions like these above which combine rustic wool blends with intriguing textures.



6. Seek the unique and handmade by finding makers who work in small batches. These pieces are one of a kind and the slight anomalies only add to the rustic charm.



7. Look for irregular prints on fabrics, which can show the charming quality of hand printing. Screen or lino printed fabrics have a wonderful rustic, textured appearance which adds character, fitting in well with the rest of this homely look.



8. Be creative with details to add a personal touch: an arrangement of found cleaned birds feathers, old wooden garden riddles hung in a group on a wall, found objects from the beach (seaweed, sea-glass, a piece of driftwood artfully laid out on a table. The combination of hand-made and natural materials is a match made in heaven.



9. Treasure traditional techniques such as those used in basketry. Different shades of wood with the distinctive patterns and textures gives depth to your room whilst fitting in with the theme and colour palette.



10. Look for timeless designs that will last and look good for years to come. These handmade vases are full of character, but their simplistic forms and neutral colours mean they can stay a classic in your home no matter how you choose to decorate it.



11. Reach for rugged natural materials -The essence of this style. Rugged stone walls, slate stairs, cobblestone floors and reclaimed wood all add authentic character.



12. Mix and match pieces to a simple colour scheme to give continuity as well as personality. Create a calm backdrop for reclaimed and upcycled furniture, industrial lighting and displays of faded grasses and dried flowers. 



13. Repurpose reclaimed finds into something new and quirky. Here, an old brass jam pan has been repurposed into the bathroom sink, while the tap is a reclaimed French copper kettle.



14. Master the art of editing, choose rustic textures and make judicious choices about what to have in a kitchen where it's practical to have mugs, plates and bowls within easy reach, keep these to a limited colour palette and blend together pieces from different makers to make it more interesting. Choose rustic wood textures such as hand-hewn bowls, spoons, boards, and cups made by modern makers using age-old techniques. 



15. Incorporate matt finishes such as concrete and plaster. Although concrete may seem like a cold, flat material, it actually has this astounding way of creating a neutral backdrop for almost any design style, not to mention it’s low maintenance too.



16. Mix in vintage pieces such as a cast-iron bed frame, a sturdy painted cupboard, or a vintage statement mirror as seen above. Place them in a pared-back interior for a modern approach.



17. Use colour carefully - choose a hint of soft green, navy blue, plaster pink or warm ochre with a weathered or chalky finish.



18. Add hand-drawn pattern through artwork, ceramics and textiles. These are great as a collection where you can mix and match and be playful.



19. Choose individually made printed cushions, such as this lino-cut printed owl cushion. More unique than the ‘flat’ digital prints, lino prints include interesting detail from the marks and patterns in the lino, packing them with personality.


20. Go for handcrafted furniture - It has a tactile appeal that reflects the skill and time that goes into creating it. This charming Melrose Dining Table is handcrafted from reclaimed timbers, with its warm tones and grains shining through the wood.