How To Create An Autumn Wreath

What you’ll need:

A wreath ring made of wicker or jute. Willow is also effective.

a mix of real and fake foliage

Wire for floristry

Ribbon or string to hang


Step 1

Begin with your chosen size wreath and an assortment of fresh or faux foliage. If you go with fresh, use foliage that will dry beautifully, such as eucalyptus, to ensure your wreath lasts.

Step 2

Begin layering your foliage. Tie the stem to the wreath with floristry wire, twisting the ends together to secure in place.

Step 3

Move the foliage stems around the wreath in the same direction. As you progress, the leaves will cover the wire from the previous stems. Don't be too concerned with perfection; you just want it to look nice and natural.

Step 4

Finally, for a warm, autumnal feel, incorporate deep red foliage such as Cotinus 'Royal Purple' and red eucalyptus.

Step 5

Hang your autumn wreath with ribbon or string from the back. Remember that if you used real foliage, it won't last as long if it gets damp, so hang it in a sheltered area.