How To Decide Between The Tulsa & The Brooklyn Dining Table

The Tulsa and Brooklyn are both excellent choices for extending dining tables - with durable reclaimed wood, warm tones and textures, matching extendable features and dimensions, and a versatile, rustic-industrial style. But how do you decide between them?



Tulsa Extending Dining Table, £449

Brooklyn Extending Dining Table, £395


At first glance, the obvious difference between the two tables is the wood finish. Tulsa has a beautiful, eye-catching herringbone pattern that will make a stylish statement, whereas Brooklyn has a more simplistic, classic design that will effortlessly match the rest of your home. Choosing between these styles is entirely dependent on your style, flooring, and surrounding furniture, as well as whether your dining table will be used on a regular basis or on special occasions, where you may opt for a more statement piece. The Tulsa table is lighter in colour and has slimmer edges, whereas the Brooklyn table is made of natural, weathered wood in a more blocky, rustic style.

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