5 Reasons Why We Love The Brooklyn Extending Dining Table


1. Stylish

A modern design influenced by industrial and rustic design, the Brooklyn Extending Dining Table makes a stylish addition to any dining room. The warm wood contrasts with the sleek metal framework, creating a balance between rustic and industrial and an overall contemporary look. It never goes out of style, a timeless design that you can keep for years to come!


2. Durable

By crafting furniture from reclaimed wood, our expertly made furniture is durable and strong; perfect for a piece of furniture that you’ll love in your home for years. The natural aging process of wood strengthens it creating long lasting beautiful pieces that will last and last. 


3. Sustainable

The Brooklyn is made with FSC certified, recycled wood that has been obtained ethically and responsibly. The wood is recycled and reclaimed which reduces our carbon footprints and actively reduces the need for deforestation in our most vulnerable habitats. By using recycled timbers, we’re able to reduce the need for deforestation in the Earth’s most vulnerable forests. By avoiding deforestation in our supply chain, we’re able to maintain habitats for wildlife across the globe. This includes some of earth’s most endangered species, and helps us preserve habitats and wildlife for future generations.  Also, every order with us plants a tree!


4. Versatile

The versatile design of the Brooklyn dining table means it can belong in any room and match your style and furniture effortlessly. It’s perfect for the interior lovers who love to switch up their decor regularly -  this dining table goes with the flow! 


5. Extendable

When hosting extra guests, you will need to offer everybody a place at the table and this is where an extendable dining table comes in handy. The Brooklyn allows you to accommodate extra guests in style, allowing you to enjoy both everyday family get-togethers and larger gatherings in the same space, with one quick, simple change. The versatility of the extending dining table is one of the reasons why we love it. You’ll always have a setting for anyone you welcome into your home, whilst also having the option to reduce it back down so it doesn’t dominate your dining room.