The Gift That Keeps On Giving This Valentines!

Stumped for a Valentine’s Day gift this year? Need someone to ‘plant’ the idea in your mind for you? Need to find something exciting with ‘life’? Okay, we think you probably get the gist of what we’re getting at.

For many, Valentine’s Day is all about giving and receiving beautiful bouquets and red roses. Did you know, £260 billion is spent on Valentine’s Day in the UK on flower bouquets? As lovely as they are, unfortunately they do not last very long. Aside from the money spent towards them, if you were to look at the environmental impact of gifting flowers, the amount of intensive chemicals, energy and water that is needed for greenhouse floral production is extremely high, as well as the effect of transportation as most flowers are imported from overseas, so there is a huge amount of CO2 that is added to the atmosphere during this time of year.

This year, why not try something different and consider gifting a tree to your loved one? Not only will your gift produce oxygen, improve air quality and sequester CO2 emissions, but it will also help to provide windbreaks, support people who live below the poverty line and so much more, essentially, it’s the gift that will keep on giving for many decades to come.

If you have a big enough back garden or a sufficient amount of green area, make the gift even more romantic by purchasing a tree and planting it yourself or with your loved one. Take your significant other to where you planted the tree and show them your statement of love, set up a cute picnic and make the moment sentimental, perhaps you’ll come back to the tree after many years and see how your love has grown, literally!

There are many types of trees which you can gift. One of the best ways to gift a tree would be to support an organisation that plants trees around the world to areas which need it the most. There are many initiatives that you’ll come across for example;

  • donating fruit trees means that you’ll be providing families and wildlife with nourishment and food

  • donating to an organisation that works towards restoring forests means that you’ll be supporting reforestation, restoring habitats and contributing to the production of clean air and water

  • donating to an organisation that plants trees in under-developed countries means that you’ll be helping to provide unemployed or impoverished communities with the hope of developing their skills and providing them with an income as they can be employed to tend to and look after the trees that are planted

So you see there are many ways in which your gift can be meaningful and beneficial all at the same time, it truly will be the gift that keeps on giving. Gift your loved one with the greenest and greatest gifts this year and in turn it will be gifted to our planet, helping it to fight climate change and reverse the damages done to the environment, and it will also be gifted to all the inhabitants of our planet to, supporting wildlife, communities in poverty and helping everyone to breathe cleaner air and enjoy a better quality of life.

At Reclaim Nation (RN HOME) , we’re working with One Tree Planted and More Trees to do our part to protect the planet by planting a tree for every order we receive.

So why not gift something extra special this year, something everlasting. Join us and plant a tree today, we’d love to hear where you’ve planted your tree and for whom you’ve planted it for!