Small Dining Room Ideas

Small talk

Is your dining room a tad on the small side? Don't worry about it. We're here to show you how, by adding some space-saving furniture, you can create some breathing room without sacrificing style.

Extendable dining tables

Our extendable tables can convert in seconds, making them ideal for squeezing in those extra seats when the occasion calls. If you work from home, consider a design that also serves as a workstation for you.


Folding dining tables

If you don't have a designated dining area, a folding table allows you to create an eating space whenever required. Furthermore, when you're not hosting a dinner party, a folding dining table against a wall can function as a console table or desk.


Storage dining tables

Storage dining tables are great space-savers, with useful shelves built in. Fill them with things you need on hand, like condiments and placemats.


Round or rectangular? You decide...


Round and round

In a compact space, round dining tables are generally the easiest to deal with. They are especially useful in awkward spaces where chairs can utilize angular corners.  One significant advantage is that they are highly unrestrictive on numbers - there will always be place for a small one! Consider a glass dining table; because they are see-through, they create the illusion of space when, in reality, it is limited. 


Work those angles

A rectangular dining table works well in a variety of room layouts and scenarios. They will make the most of a rectangular shaped room, even if it is quite narrow, if you are fortunate enough to have a separate dining room. They are also ideal for eat-in, galley-style kitchens. They're very sociable because they're not overly wide, allowing you to indulge in conversation with individuals seated across from you.


Small dining room chair ideas


Armless chairs

Dining chairs with clean lines and minimalistic designs take up little room. When not in use, look for armless designs that can be simply tucked beneath the table.


Velvet chairs

Textures are fantastic for giving depth to a room, making it appear larger. And who doesn't want to sit in a luxurious velvet dining chair?


Folding chairs

When space is limited, folding or stackable dining chairs are ideal. When not in use, simply store neatly away.


On the bench

Have you considered replacing your chairs with dining benches? A bench can accommodate more diners and tucks away when not in use, making it an excellent space saver in smaller dining areas.


Stylish stools

No place for a designated dining area? No problem. Bar chairs are great for small kitchen tables or breakfast bars. Those with a streamlined, slender shape are ideal for minimalist and compact designs.


The finishing touches


Reflect on this

Mirrors are a great way to add character to a small dining room. They'll make the room feel bigger and airier by bouncing light around it.


Screen time

In an open plan living area, a screen is ideal for defining a dining space. Creating a cocoon-like feel for intimate dinners, it can also be easily moved from room to room.


Up in lights

Using ambient lighting, you can create an inviting ambiance. Install a statement ceiling light above the table to add a focal point and a warm glow.