Five Ways To Enhance Your Home Office

Allow your eyes a pleasant break from devices and screens by surrounding yourself with visually appealing images. Think about the colours you are drawn to, ones that make you feel calm or happy. You may go with a neutral palette, or maybe a vibrant colour on a wall is what you need to get your day started. In order to stay inspired, include your favourite piece of artwork. Task lighting is also a great option to illuminate your workspace.


The sense of touch is a grounding effect in our modern lives, which are dominated by screens and virtual reality. Even if you're hot desking at the kitchen table, don't forget to add a cushion or sheepskin to a supportive office chair to provide cosiness and comfort. In order to increase your creativity, consider using textured boards to pin up inspiration images.


When you're busy at work, it's all too easy to neglect your self-care, rushing a quick lunch at your desk or forgetting to drink enough water. Stay hydrated and rejuvenated with a hot drink or a refreshing glass of water, and make an effort to find delight in even the simplest everyday situations by sipping from your favourite mug or tumbler. To add a bit of freshness, add slices of lemon, cucumber, or herbs.


Smell is the most closely related to memory and thus the most evocative of all the senses. During the workday, use it to focus, relax, or energise. 'Daily routines such as having a candle lit, or some palo santos to cleanse the area would add a touch of calming luxury during daily duties. After you've closed your laptop, it can be beneficial to break up the day by going for a stroll in the fresh air or putting your favourite essential oils in your bath or a diffuser.


Even if you don't have a designated office, try to find a peaceful place to collect your thoughts and focus. Play your favourite music in the background as you do work to uplift and create atmosphere. Because music is so personal, try different genres to create the desired effect. If external sounds are creating a jarring or uncomfortable environment, you may want to consider soundproofing to block out unpleasant background noise.