Level Up Your Work From Home Space

Working from home (WFH) is probably the new normal for a lot of us now, but it doesn’t have to be bland, level up your space to make it as comfortable, motivating and engaging as possible. Even if your uncertain about how long you’ll be working remotely and whether it’s worth putting in time, effort and money into creating a nice workspace at home, we say it definitely is, it doesn’t have to be costly and overly complicated, and you’ll be sure to reap the benefits after!

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  1. Pick the right spot - Find the spot in your home where you think you’ll be the most productive and with the least amount of distractions, and yes that even means moving away from the sofa or fridge!

  2. Light it up - Choose a sunny spot that gets enough natural light or find a spot with a sufficiently bright overhead light or desk lamp, especially if you need a lot of screen time, do your eyes a favour they’ll thank you later.

  3. Ergonomics - You don’t need to fork out fortunes for a snazzy office chair, you can adapt any chair in your home into one that’s comfortable for sitting on for hours on end. Grab a cushion to add a back rest, or even roll up a towel to create some support behind your neck. Adding a makeshift footrest beneath the table is also beneficial for your posture. For those who were used to standing desks, make use of your kitchen counter or a tall chest of drawers. Another handy tip for those using a laptop is to find a box or object that can help to raise the screen so your not hunching over if your desk is to low.

  4. Get connected - If you’ll be making a lot of video calls, make sure your sat somewhere with a suitable backdrop so there are less distractions. Also make sure there are sockets nearby so you never lose touch or run out of juice for your appliances.

  5. Mark your territory - It’s very easy for clutter to build up and things to get lost, if there is a usual spot at home where you work, try to find ways to keep it tidy and organised. Find a box or a drawer and stick your name on it so everyone knows not to touch. Another neat trick is adding scents and aromas to your space, adding drops of essential oils or even having a fragranced candle nearby will help you to feel calm, energised and enjoy the space even more. A happy space makes a great workspace.

  6. Decorate - Finally, don’t forget to make the space your own if it’s yours exclusively. Add plants to give you fresh air and a sense of the outdoors, add table top trinkets like figurines or desk tidies to add some office vibes or if your lucky enough to have a whole room, transform it into your own zen space that works for you. Even if you don’t have the space, keeping things around that motivate you or keep you engaged like headphones, your favourite cushion or fleece to help you feel comfortable, picture frames and so on, are all fun ways to help keep the space unique to you.


Those were just a few points to consider about getting your WFH space set up and right for you, there are plenty more ideas out there for you to explore to help you get creative!