RN LIFE - Upcoming Projects


At Reclaim Nation, sustainability is at the core of our values, but we do not just see Reclaim Nation as a brand, we see it as a way of life. As a company and as a group of passionate Reclaimers, we want to do as much as we can to embody our brand into our daily lives and branch out further than home furnishings.

RN Life is all about progression and inspiring others, sparking ideas, sharing a common ethos of looking after our planet and most importantly enjoying what we do and pro-actively looking for ways to better ourselves and our company to steer it in the direction we want to head towards, towards a Reclaimed Nation.

As part of our efforts to actively promote the importance of being sustainable and looking after our planet, we made a conscious effort to do our part by starting a project with One Tree Planted where for every order RN receives we…you guessed it, plant a tree! This has been a growing success, literally! However, we don’t just want to stop at planting a tree, we want to plant the seeds of tomorrow, the seeds of growth and change, and who knows what could flourish from them.

We want to keep exploring as many opportunities as we can and so we’re very excited to share that we have another upcoming RN project that we will be revealing to you all very soon!


We can’t wait to see what you all think, in the meantime any guesses as to what our next project is going to be?