Our Reclaimed Furniture Guide

What is it?

Reclaimed wood furniture is made from sustainable sources. This can vary from recycled timbers, old wooden beams and other reused wooden materials. Recycling wood to create reclaimed furniture is a great way to minimise the impact on the planet and prevent deforestation. It is also a smart way to recycle and reuse unwanted materials and furniture.

What is so great about it?

Reclaimed materials are extremely versatile as they can be made into almost any kind of furniture. Reclaimed wood can be used to create beautiful sideboards, dining tables and bedroom furniture. Each piece of furniture created from reclaimed wood is given a new lease of life as it is saved from being destroyed. Reclaimed furniture would also be a sustainable choice that won’t compromise on style because of its individuality.

What’s the difference between wood and Reclaimed wood?

Wood is a beautiful material to work with because of its natural features. The great thing about Reclaimed wood furniture is the beauty in the imperfections. As Reclaimed wood is obtained from various sources, there are many features you will uncover.

The naturally occurring knots found in reclaimed furniture add character and Reclaimed wood can also feature other beautiful imperfections. This contributes to the aged look of the wood. Sometimes some furniture is created using two or more kinds of reclaimed wood, as there is a difference in the grain and shade of the wood, this creates a one of kind design.

The beauty of reclaimed wood is in the natural look that is preserved, untouched and is not hidden or smoothed away. These imperfections and features add authenticity and uniqueness to reclaimed furniture.

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Why choose Reclaimed furniture?

Reclaimed furniture brings unique character and timeless design to all homes. Each piece carries beautiful features from its previous life. Reclaimed wood has been weathered over many years which makes it strong and robust. What’s more is that Reclaimed furniture is environmentally friendly, so it reduced the number of trees being cut down and the amount of material that ends up in landfill.

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Buying Reclaimed furniture

Reclaimed furniture adds a unique statement to any home that’s for sure, so when selecting your furniture find the style that is right for you. The styles can range from classic and contemporary to bold with industrial and rustic influences so pick furniture based on the look you want to create.

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There you have it, our quick guide to Reclaimed furniture. We hope this guide helps you to start your journey to a Reclaimed home!