Reclaim Nation 2 Year Guarantee

At Reclaim Nation, we stand by the quality of our products and are committed to ensuring that you enjoy them to the fullest. That's why we offer a comprehensive 2 year guarantee on our range of products, effective for orders placed on or after 15th January, 2024. Here's what's included and excluded under our guarantee:

What Our Guarantee Covers:

  1. Deterioration or Loss of Fixings: Our guarantee covers any deterioration or loss of internal or pre-inserted fixings. This includes issues like metal threads becoming loose or detaching.
  1. Chair Leg Faults: We ensure the durability and integrity of chair legs. Any bends or breaks caused by faulty joints fall under our guarantee.
  1. External Fixing Faults: We cover faults with external fixings such as glued metal discs that may detach from tabletops.
  1. Structural Integrity: The frame of our products is meant to last. If your product loses its structural integrity, we've got you covered.

What Our Guarantee Does Not Cover:

Please be aware, the Reclaim Nation 2 Year Guarantee does not extend to certain situations which are outlined below:

- Normal Wear and Tear: Any issues that arise as a natural result of daily use and aging of the product are not covered.

- Environmental and Weather Damages: Damages resulting from exposure to harsh environments or adverse weather conditions are excluded from the guarantee.

- Improper Care or Accidental Damage: The guarantee does not cover damages that occur due to improper care, misuse, or accidents.

- Exported Products: Products that have been exported outside of the UK are not covered under this guarantee.

It's our goal to ensure you enjoy your Reclaim Nation products in the best condition for as long as possible. Please follow the care instructions provided and consider the environment in which the products are used to ensure their longevity. For any questions or clarifications about what is covered, please contact us.

How To Claim:

If you believe your item has a fault covered under our 2 year guarantee, please contact us at with a detailed description of the issue, photographs, and proof of purchase. Our team will review your claim and guide you through the next steps.

Additional Notes:

- Our guarantee is valid for 2 years from the date of purchase and is non-transferable.

- The guarantee is subject to the UK's standard laws and regulations.

- It's important to follow care instructions and guidelines provided with each product to ensure longevity and maintain eligibility for claims.

- Please note, this 2 year guarantee does not apply to any orders placed before February 1st, 2024.

At Reclaim Nation, we're dedicated to providing you with quality products and peace of mind. Enjoy your purchase with the confidence that we're here to support you.