Reclaimed Dining Room Furniture
Inspired by repurposed factories from the Industrial Revolution, the Industrial design style is defined by the architectural elements within a space. Other styles hide these elements, but industrial style embraces the piping, brickwork and concrete making them a focal point
Our Reclaimed Dining Room Furniture
The style is raw and almost unfinished, providing a relaxed, casual atmosphere to reside in. With its minimalistic, practical and spacious design, the style is welcoming and laidback. The blend of the open spaces, minimalism and various rustic materials in furniture and lighting allows homeowners to create an industrial interior design in any space
Sustainable Furniture
By choosing furniture produced from reclaimed wood, you are doing your part to protect the environment because they are essentially recycling old wood, which eliminates the need to fell more trees
Reclaimed, Unique Furniture
Due to its natural aged colouring, indentations, grains, and knots, reclaimed wood furniture has a wonderful aesthetic individuality that will have a long-lasting effect on the interior decor of your home
Modern, Refined Finishes
There are many different design aspects that can be blended and coupled with reclaimed wood furniture. As a result, it goes perfectly with any interior design trend and is a great way to add a focal point to any space.
Combination Package Deals
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New York Harlem Fixed Top Dining Table
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Cromwell Tan Dining Chair Set
£329£349SAVE 6%
Benches & Bar Stools
SAVE 19 %
Cromwell Grey Bar Stool Set
£338£419SAVE 19%
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Why Reclaimed Furniture?

Reclaimed Timber Makes Beautiful Furniture

Reclaimed wood is eco-friendly, adds personality, individuality, and warmth to contemporary designs. It adds a sense of antiquity, nostalgia and creativity to any home

Handcrafted Using Traditional Methods

A machine would not be able to give the product the finishing touches that a craftsman can, which enhance its charm and personality. Each handmade item is unique. A handmade piece will naturally have very little differences in colour, shading, texture, and grain.

Reclaimed Timber Prevents Wastage

For example, if 30 trees are saved, using reclaimed timber, these trees saved can absorb as much as 946lbs of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, over the course of a year

30 Trees = 1 Day's Oxygen For 120 People

The net cooling effect of 30 young trees is the equivalent to 300 air conditioning units that are operating for 20 hours a day. Of course, also by not cutting down trees, benefits animals and plants

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