How To Look After Your House Plants

A great way to bring a home to life…Plants! They take in all the nasty pollutants and give out clean oxygen and overall improve the air quality in our homes. They boost our mood, concentration and provide many more physical and mental health benefits whilst making our homes look good too. As wonderful and resilient as they are, just like us our plants also need a bit of TLC from time to time for them to carry on doing what they do.

You don’t need green fingers and thumbs or to be a budding botanist to keep your plants healthy and most importantly, alive! We’ve got some handy tips to help you get your greens glowing and growing!

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1. Who doesn’t need a drink once in a while?

Although plants don’t get that thirsty all the time, they do need to be kept hydrated. Plants are about 80-95% water so its important they are topped up. Every plant is different, and most houseplants don’t need much watering, but the key is to water your plants when they look dry and thirsty. Don’t let them go parched but make sure not to drown them either, find a happy medium.

2. Sunshine is the best medicine

How to achieve a glorious glow? Step out into the sun, and the same goes for plants too. Some plants love to bask in the sun whilst others prefer to be cool in the shade. Find out what your plant likes and try to find the lightest space in your home, but top tip – avoid direct sunlight! It might take a few tries to find the perfect spot, but it’ll be worth it.

3. One size DOESN’T fit all

Some plants are speedy growers and grow out of their pots much earlier than others. In this case you need to re-pot them so the roots have more space to spread about so they can grow larger. Some are just slow developers and probably won’t need to be re-potted for a few years, but with all plants you should replenish them with fresh soil and add some plant feed to help them along. Keep an eye on your plants to avoid any growing pains.

4. Everything is always better together

Just like us, plants enjoy good company. Keeping your plants together not only makes your indoor garden setup look better, but studies show that certain plants can grow healthier and happier when together instead of being in isolation. Try grouping plants that thrive in the same conditions and have the same care needs together, this will make it easier for you to tend to them as well.

5. Fill in the blank

It’s not that hard to house your plants as you may think it is. Every home has a spot where it’s hard to decorate, and that’s where your plant comes in. Tall and top-heavy plants look great in corners, trailing plants fit right in, cosy and neat into shelving spaces and plants are also a great way to add character to your walls and table tops so they don’t look bare.


Your luscious leaves are not that far away and soon you’ll have an indoor garden to boast about. Green is go!