How To Style: The Farmhouse Trend

Farmhouse style is characterised by practicality, simplicity and rustic charm. Influenced by aesthetics of rural architecture and modern comforts, it creates a look that is both cosy and stylish. 

Accessibility and functionality is key in a farmhouse style home. The concept behind a farmhouse is that it's a central area for family and friends to gather together in a warm and cosy space. It is about creating a place that is functional but comfortable and laid back. 

The down-to-earth interior style of Farmhouse is made up of minimal decor, neutral colours and a rustic edge, offering a balance of comfortability and simplicity. Farmhouse style prefers to blend the old with the new, incorporating a mix-and-match approach to furniture. 


Natural Wood Accents

One of the most favoured materials used in farmhouse interior design is exposed and reclaimed wood. Reclaimed barn wood was commonly used in farmhouses for furnishings such as dining tables, flooring, cabinets or statement beams. Incorporate them into your home and they’ll bring a strong sense of character to your home interior.


Focus on Practicality

The practicality of furniture and decor was important to make a farmhouse comfortable yet functional. Farmhouse interior stays away from anything too delicate that couldn’t be used regularly, instead opt for long lasting, practical pieces.


Industrial Features

Reclaimed wood, exposed wooden beams and brickwork are perfect for adding the rustic finish to Farmhouse interior. An accent brick wall can add an industrial look, while the neutral coloured decor keeps the space welcoming and comfortable. Farmhouse design is very approachable, versatile and family-friendly. If your child gets a scratch on the dining table, it only adds to the character and authenticity.


Neutral Palette

The all-white look is a popular choice in farmhouse design, making the space airy and bright. If you want to add a touch of colour, cream or light beige works well when combined with dark wooden features.


Relaxed Fabrics

Textiles with bright colours and simple patterns can add a touch of character to your farmhouse interiors. Farmhouses would often have a combination of fabrics that were easy to look after were used to bring colour into a room. Linen and cotton fabrics, with stripes or buffalo check were commonly used in contrast with the light tones and raw materials.



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