Every Sustainable Home Needs A Recycled Rug!

Here at Reclaim Nation, we’ve recently launched a collection of recycled rugs, our very first soft home furnishing products!

We’re so excited about these rugs and their story, made from recycled plastic bottles and materials and created into beautifully weaved rugs, these products fit right in as they carry RN’s sustainable values!

Rugs are extremely versatile and have great multitasking abilities. Not only can they effortlessly transform a room, but they also have a range of practical benefits too. Now why should every home consider having a rug in their space? We’ll tell you why…


1. Rugs can be used to brighten a dark room

Rooms or corridors with dark flooring can sometimes drain a lot of light from these spaces, especially if there are no windows, having runner rugs or large area rugs in a lighter tone will break this up and add some light and airiness to your home. This also works with rooms that have dark walls and furniture, by adding a light or eye-catching rug, it can make the room brighter.

2. Enhance your home décor

As mentioned before, rugs are extremely versatile. They can divide the room into different areas, and this works especially well for open plan spaces. They can also help to create themes and different looks in a room as a rug is available in almost every colour, shape, pattern, material and size you can imagine. Add or remove a rug whenever you please, have a different rug for every season, change your theme by swapping out rugs, the possibilities are endless.

3. Adding warmth and comfort

Rugs are perfect for creating a soft, luxurious surface underfoot. Lay a rug on a wooden floor and you instantly increase the warmth and comfort of a room. Even if you don’t like to use rugs all year round, place a rug over your floors during the colder months to help warm up the whole house.

The softness of a rug gives it flexibility, allowing the rug to absorb some of the impact of your footsteps. For conversation areas that are popular in your home like the living room, a rug will help to make the space warmer and inviting. Places where children play or whether you like to sit or lie on the floor, a rug will make it a more comfortable surface for you.

4. Allergies

Rugs act as the biggest air filter in your home by improving the air quality by trapping dust pollen and other particles from the air. For those suffering from allergies, asthma or other breathing conditions, a rug can help to alleviate some of your symptoms as it will keep all the allergens out of the air. A better choice than carpet, rugs can be taken out of the home to be thoroughly cleaned before they are brought back.

5. Noise reduction

Rugs can help to absorb and reduce a lot of noises in your home, for example footsteps and things being dropped onto the floor, which are especially loud if dropped onto a hard surface. Sometimes rooms can have a slight echo and by adding a rug, it can absorb that sound too, so their great for buffering noise in your home.

 6. Safety

Rugs can help to lower the risk of injuries from slipping mishaps in your home. A rug offers you the perfect landing cushion, padding our footsteps and reducing slips and falls and minimising injuries if they do occur, especially for young children who might be running around the house or toddlers taking their first steps. Making sure rugs have a liner underneath if they don’t already have a grippy base will also help them to stay firmly in place.

7. Cover up and protect

Rugs are great for covering up any imperfections on your floor such as a cracked tile or a stubborn stain on your carpet. If you have a wooden floor which features a distracting imperfection, a rug is a quick fix to cover that up. Alternatively, rugs are also a great way to protect your floors too. If you’ve laid down new wooden flooring or carpeting, that can be a costly investment, so it is worth protecting. For example, in dining rooms where scratches from the table or chairs can occur or high traffic areas in your home where there is a lot of footfall.

8. Tieng a room together

Rugs provide another layer to the room, adding visual interest. It can be used as a focal point and when properly placed, it can help to anchor the furniture in the room and create a more intimate and cosy space by making the room look connected and cohesive. Again, as rugs are available in virtually any style, you can easily find one that tailors to the décor in your home.


Aside from all the practical benefits, a rug can help you to make a statement and you can use it as a decorative piece. As you can see there are many benefits of having a rug or many rugs in your home, so think about it and see if there’s a home for a rug with you!