4 Reasons Why Every Home Needs A Sideboard

Sideboards have been around for a very long time, however their popularity has seemed to have risen significantly over the last year. Before the time of fitted kitchens, sideboards were used as a way maximise dining room storage, and especially used for storing serving ware and cutlery.

Today, sideboards have a number of uses and not just in the dining room, from displaying your favourite photo frames and trinkets to being used as a mini bar during cocktail hour. A sideboard is definitely a must have for the modern home!

1.       A size and style for everyone

Whilst most sideboards are usually rectangular and long, there aren’t specific dimensions for a sideboard as there are many different styles and size options out there to suit your space. You could opt for the traditional size and style or go for something a bit smaller to fit better in the space you want to use it. Here are some examples of sideboards we have that come in both a large and narrow size.

Blake Wide Sideboard

Valencia Wide Sideboard

Valencia Narrow Sideboard

Blake Narrow Sideboard

 2.       A place to display all your favourite objects

The top of a sideboard can be used to make a beautiful display area. Prop up your favourite family photos, a lamp to add height, vases, candles and other ornaments to create an attractive display area. Make sure not to over clutter the sideboard with too many Knick knacks as the sideboard may lose visual interest. A stylish sideboard has the ability to finish a room and complete the look.

Provence Sideboard

 3.       Hidden storage

the great thing about sideboards is that they offer an incredible amount of storage. Sideboards usually have a combination of drawers, shelving space and a cupboard behind doors, making it a very organised storage solution. Effective at hiding clutter of all shapes and sizes, whether you’re trying to hide away your large dinner set that only comes out during special occasions, mismatched plates and bowls that you have no room for in the kitchen or anything else from around your home, a sideboard is very useful.

Campestre Sideboard

 4.       A table extension

If you’re entertaining in your dining room, sometimes you need an extra pair of hands or extra space for all of your scrumptious dishes and drinks that you just can’t fit on the table. A sideboard offers an additional serving surface for you, so you can keep everything close by to the dining table and easily move things around when you’re clearing the table or want to add more to it. It can also be used as a buffet station so if you have a smaller dining table, you can go up to get your food and sit back down with your plate, leaving you enough space to still enjoy your meal.

Bordeaux Wide Sideboard

Auckland Sideboard

We think you can agree that a sideboard is a very useful piece of furniture, and what’s great is that there are so many options, designs and styles out there so there is definitely a sideboard for every home!

 We’ve only used a few examples in this blog, view all of our sideboards here!