Every Order Plants Trees...

We love the planet! It’s our home and gives us so much to enjoy. That’s why we’re giving something back. When you order from Reclaim Nation, every order will plant a tree. At Reclaim Nation, we’re doing all we can to limit our impact on the earth. We make all of our wooden furniture from recycled, reclaimed wood which reduces the demand for deforestation in our most vulnerable habitats. We use traditional methods to make our furniture which eliminates dangerous, unnatural chemicals from our construction process. And for every order, in order to give something back to the planet, we’ll plant a tree on your behalf in some of the worlds’ most vulnerable habitats. 

Why One Tree Planted?

One Tree Planted make it really easy to commit to reforestation projects. They will plant a tree in a vulnerable habitat in order to combat deforestation and environmental destruction caused by industries such as agriculture and logging. Many industries benefit from this environmental destruction, including the furniture industry. While we only use sustainably sourced reclaimed wood, it’s a sad fact that many places choose not to, which drives up the demand for increased deforestation across the world. Many of these deforestation projects occur in the most valuable ecosystems- such as rainforests, causing unimaginable environmental devastation.

Even though our impact is minimised by using reclaimed wood, planting trees was still something we can do to help the planet. That’s why we teamed up with One Tree Planted and committed to plant a tree for every order we receive.

Why Are Trees So Important? 

Trees are vital anchors in our ecosystem and provide so much to the surrounding areas. Even a tree in a city centre can have a number of benefits - so it’s not just about saving the rainforests. Planting trees rejuvenates forests, provides wildlife with homes and turns carbon dioxide into oxygen. It’s an easy way to help the planet and the creatures and communities that live in and around these precious habitats.

With sustainability at the heart of all we do, we’re delighted to give back something to Mother Nature and help preserve the earth for future generations.