Book A Virtual Viewing?

 We are happy to offer live viewings of our products so that you can see every detail of our reclaimed furniture.
Just ask for a live viewing on our chat in the bottom right or fill out our booking form below.

How it works

You can book a live viewing through our online chat or by filling out our booking form.

Once requested, we will set up a meeting at the most convenient time for you.

When it is time for your viewing, we will request a video call with you on WhatsApp.

Here at RN we respect your privacy and appreciate if you do not want your face to be seen.

This is not a problem at all as we only need to show you the products you wish to view and hear your voice so we can answer any queries you may have regarding the product.

Just as a heads up, at the time of the live WhatsApp viewing, please press the central video icon at the bottom of your screen during the call if you wish to keep your video off.