The Essential Guide To Choosing The Perfect Dining Table
When it comes to home decor, no piece of furniture says "family gathering" quite like a dining table. Whether you're hosting an intimate dinner for two or preparing a festive feast for the whole family, your dining table is the centrepiece of the festivities. But how do you pick one that's perfect for your space? Read on as we break down all the essential elements of choosing the perfect dining table.
1. Size Matters 
Before you start shopping, take careful measurements of your dining space. Make sure that you measure the width and length of your room to determine how much space you have available for a table. Then measure the tallest person in your family and add at least 12 inches to that number - this will be the height of your ideal table. Finally, consider how many people need to sit comfortably at your table; if you plan on regularly hosting large family gatherings, opt for an extendable dining table, like our Brooklyn extending table ,so you can easily accommodate more guests.
2. Style Considerations 
Now it's time to get into aesthetics! Think about what kind of style best fits with your home decor; do you favour classic and timeless options or something more modern and on-trend? If you're having trouble deciding, browse through some magazines or online sources for inspiration. Once you've settled on a style, consider materials; most tables are constructed out of wood, but there are plenty of glass or metal options available too if those appeal to you more.
3. Comfort Features
Your dining table should be both functional and comfortable. Look for cushioned chairs with armrests if comfort is important to you; if not, there are plenty of stunning wooden chairs or benches that make great seating options depending on the size and shape of your table. You may also want to think about features such as built-in leaf extensions or drawers that can make entertaining easier and help keep clutter off the surface of your table.
With these considerations in mind, finding the perfect dining table is easy! Remember when making your decision - size matters when it comes to picking out a new piece of furniture, so make sure any potential purchase fits comfortably in both the physical space as well as within your unique design aesthetic before committing to buy! Now go forth and find yourself an amazing new dining room centrepiece! Happy shopping!