Our Newest Collection - The Provence

Channelling elements of modern farmhouse design through to French country, the Provence Collection speaks through its charming exterior whilst also allowing you to appreciate the quality of the beautiful craftsmanship that went into creating the collection.

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A very popular architectural style which acts as the skeleton of a home as well as a focal feature can help to build the desired style of home someone wants to achieve. Most often seen in a new build, the transformation can create many different styles from a mid-century modern home, a French country home influenced by the manor homes of the Provence countryside or even a modern barn or farmhouse style home.


The structural design of the entire frame of the table creates a very sturdy and timeless look just as you would expect with timber beams, creating a focal point that you will never tire from appreciating.

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The symmetry of the triangular shaped legs of the Provence dining table which are connected through a horizontal beam show how the table is connected all the way through, creating a cosy form and pleasing presence.

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Resembling the timber framed structures of bespoke constructed homes, the legs of the Provence bench stand at either side to frame the benchtop and create a firm and strong appearance. The legs are mirrored as they connect through diagonal timber beams to join the benchtop, creating a look that is pleasing to the eye.

Creating a similar feel to barn house doors, the doors of the sideboard almost make you feel like when you uncover what is inside, you will be taken to a reassuring place.

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The elements of rustic, dark metals against the board and batten like wooden surfaces which exude a distressed finish inspire a modern farmhouse feel to your home.

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untitled-0940 (2).jpg


The doors of the sideboard are beautifully attached to a rustic metal rail which runs across the top to create a sliding movement, allowing you to uncover or hide anything you place inside.


You won’t have to worry about anyone missing out on the welcoming and super enjoyable dinner parties as the Provence can extend to give you that much needed space to entertain and wine and dine more of your wonderful guests.

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The Provence collection will set the scene of an inviting and relaxing dining experience in your room, making it very easy to make family, friends and guests feel welcomed and comfortable. The Provence is ideal to help your diners feel cosy and at home as they unwind through those cold winter nights or long, summer evenings.