Mesmerised By Mango Wood

One of our newest collections to join Reclaim Nation – The Phoenix

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Were really excited about this collection as here at Reclaim Nation, we’re always looking for more ways to push our values, do our part for the environment and create a wonderful collection of reclaimed and sustainable furniture that everyone can enjoy for years to come without costing the earth – and this collection embodies just that!

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Our Phoenix collection is made from pure Mango wood, one of the most sustainable timbers that you can find. Mango wood is derived from the mango tree, the same tree that produces one of the sweetest fruits me know, Mangos! One of the best uses for Mango wood is creating furniture due to its hardwearing and durable properties.

Sustainability is literally engraved into the heart of the collection and is the main element to its core design.

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The pale and earthy wooden surfaces throughout this collection exude all the natural grains, markings and uniqueness of the Mango wood, as if they were dusted with a subtle rustic influence.

Sleek and defined, the framework features straight lines and crosses, slim detail with a sturdy stance.


A beautifully crafted simplistic design that holds a lot of character to create an understated look, the Phoenix is a fusion of Scandinavian and Industrial stylings.

The contrast between the wood and the powder coating metal frame in a black finish is refreshing and shows off the industrial influences very well.



The nest of round tables is the only product in the collection that features a curved base to the frame, although different from the other products, it still manages to tie in well and fit the look.

The curved base goes hand in hand with the curved wooden top of the tables, creating an elegant circular pairing.

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Fine craftsmanship that forms minimalistic structures, the Phoenix collection is a delicate fusion of different style elements coming together and packaged with care to create truly sustainable products that will be sure to stand the test of time.