How To Extend Our Tulsa Extendable Dining Table

Our Tulsa dining table is extremely popular, and we absolutely love it! So, we thought we’d let you all know a little bit more about our Tulsa and how you can use it’s handy extending feature.

STEP 1 - Unlock the latches that are located beneath the table

STEP 2 - Pull apart the two ends of the table as far as they can go till you open up the extension storage compartment in the centre of the table

STEP 3 - Pull out the extension leaf and allow it to rest on one edge of the table

STEP 4 - Open out the extension flaps till they are in line with the table and rest on either edge of it

STEP 5 – For the final step, push together both ends of the table till the gap is closed and use the latch to lock the extension into place so the table is secure

And you’re all done!