How To Create A Mood Board

Whether you want to plan a project or your still in the dreaming phase, an interior design mood board is a great step to start with to get all your ideas out of the clouds and into one place. Here are a few tips to get you started on your creative journey!

  1. Find out how you want to create your mood board, you could try Pinterest, (follow the link to see some of our examples) use an online Graphic tool or the classic, cut and stick from everywhere and create a physical board.


  2. Think about the colour palette, patterns, theme and textiles you want to work with to get the base of your board started. Mix and match to find the combo you want.


  3. Depending on the room you want to decorate, find the furniture you want to have in the room and what materials, textures and colours they are made from. Also look to see if they would work with the colour options and theme you chose for the room.


  4. Accessorise! Adding little touches and other elements to the room such as cushions, mirrors, rugs and other ornaments can make the room feel really homely and help to create the theme or feel you wanted to achieve.


  5. Once you’ve got all your ideas into one place, arrange them on the board and see what works and what doesn’t. You could arrange everything to replicate how it would look like in your room or mock up a creative arrangement. Keep switching and swapping till you find the right look for you.


  6. You don’t just have to limit the board to furnishings or interior related things, throw in anything that makes you happy, whilst keeping it relevant. You’ll never know what could inspire you and trigger some fantastic ideas.


  7. Most importantly, have fun! Mood boards shouldn’t be stressful, relax, enjoy the process and let your creative juices flow!


There’s no right or wrong, the possibilities are endless so get crafty and creative and plan your dream space! Don’t forget to share and tag us in your creations, we’d love to see what you come up with and how you might style your reclaimed products!