4 Reasons Why You Should Invest In An Extendable Dining Table

The dining table is a long term investment and one of the most practical pieces of furniture you will buy for your home. Witnessing all your life’s events from birthday parties to family meals, it’s important to invest in a dining table that is ideal for your home and your lifestyle. 

A reclaimed wood dining table has many desirable features, such as durability and unique, rustic beauty. However, an extendable reclaimed dining table offers an array of functions and benefits you won’t want to miss, keep reading to find out! 


Ideal for occasions or extra guests

When hosting extra guests, you will need to offer everybody a place at the table and this is where an extendable dining table comes in handy. Our beautiful collection allows you to accommodate extra guests in style, with a range of shapes, sizes, colours and materials to select from. Our stunning range of stylish extendable dining tables allows you to enjoy both everyday family get-togethers and larger gatherings in the same space, with one quick, simple change.

Perfect for smaller spaces

The versatility of the extending dining table is one of the reasons why we love it. That’s why we offer a range of size options to choose from. Small extendable dining tables are perfect for smaller dining rooms which extend large enough to fit the family around, or whether it’s just yourself or a couple that dine around it most of the time, and you don’t feel the need to have a large dining table for the majority of the time. You’ll always have a setting for anyone you welcome into your home, while also having the option to reduce it back down so it doesn’t dominate your dining room. The Blake seats 4-6 people and is cleverly designed to extend both the table top and table legs to allow more seat space underneath the table. Perfect if you're looking to put a small bench under.



It’s not used just for dining

Of course, the dining table is most commonly used for just that- dining. But that isn't the only activity to take place at the dining table. From working from home to children doing crafts and homework, the extendable dining table can open up to a larger expanse to accommodate more space for activities. There is room for everyone’s activities at the table, whilst you can dine at the other end!


Extending mechanisms

Although the size of extending dining tables can quickly be transformed, it’s important you have the right shape table for your home. At Reclaim Nation, you will find traditional rectangular tables that look great in the centre of a room, or smaller dining tables that can be placed in a cosy corner. They come in a variety of sizes and lengths to match your space. Our extendable dining tables feature a few different mechanisms, some have a butterfly effect mechanism which is hidden inside the table and our London Farmhouse extending dining table has a simple sliding feature. If you’re looking for something more traditional, opt for the Valencia or Bordeaux with stunning reclaimed wooden table top and legs. For a more modern approach, make a statement with one of our extending dining tables such as the Brooklyn, with sturdy metal U-shaped legs, showcasing a rustic, industrial design edge.