Three reasons to switch to reclaimed furniture

3 reasons why you should choose reclaimed furniture  


   1.  Quirky and one-of-a-kind furniture

Reclaimed wood furniture means that each table has a unique story to tell. Our solid reclaimed timbers come from a variety of sources and applications. From old railway sleepers to dismantled buildings, each individual piece of timber has a story to tell, lending personality and character to your table.


2.  Reclaimed = Sturdy 

Because reclaimed wood is naturally more robust and stronger than virgin wood furniture, it is less likely to suffer from quality issues such as splitting. Because it has withstood the test of time, you can be confident that your reclaimed furniture will last. Our team also ensures the durability of the wood by performing quality checks at each stage. 




3.  Yes, you guessed it... Environmentally friendly 

Purchasing reclaimed furniture is a great way to help the environment by preventing deforestation and saving trees from being cut down. Not only does this contribute towards preserving animal habitats, but it also reduces landfill waste which can lead us closer toward clean air for all!

Reclaimed from the past, our products are made of reused materials with a focus on sustainability. We reduce waste by using offcuts to fuel kilns and boilers as well as only employing FSC ( Forest Stewardship Council ) certified recycled woods that have been obtained ethically and responsibly . To lower our carbon footprint even more, we are strategic when we ship our furniture to reduce our number of trips. Another way Reclaim Nation gives back is through planting trees - each order includes one seed donation towards restoring forest habitats around the world . We are proud that we have recently planted a total of 1091 trees. This amounts to 327 tonnes of future CO2 sequestration.

Shopping reclaimed does not cost the earth and does not have to be expensive either ; add some personality to your home with our large selection of reclaimed furniture. With your order we will plant a tree . Together , we can contribute to a more environmentally friendly future.

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