Reclaimed Dining Styles (Part Two)

At Reclaim Nation, we have an array of different dining styles, so there’s always something for everyone! If you have already read our previous blog, you would have seen a few different styles already. Following on from last week’s blog, here are some more styles for you to consider!


Where French country meets modern farmhouse, the Provence collection provides a feeling of warmth cosiness as the pale Scandi-esc surfaces are submerged in a modern country design. The frame, timber beams and structural details of the Provence collection radiates a timeless feel, allowing you to be swept away by it’s welcoming charm.



Large and firm as it stands with it’s simplistic form, the Campestre is the epitome of Rustic beauty. The fusion of Scandi and Bohemian style elements gives this collection it’s loud personality whilst the warm and rich colourway that is reflected through the striped timbered surfaces invites you in. An understated look consisting of clean lines and uncomplicated forms, the Campestre allows you to truly appreciate it’s modest design.



Two elegantly carved pedestals, the warm and natural flow of the rustic colour palette and the generous dining space that the London Farmhouse creates, makes this dining table a truly regal piece that will make a statement in any home. A focal point created through traditional design elements, the woody charm of the London Farmhouse and it’s rustic simplicity creates a welcoming dining table with a classical twist.