What’s The Difference?

Although part of the same collection and very similar in their style and design features, there are a few minute differences and details between the New York dining tables that give them their own character and quirks.

In case your confused, we’ve made a quick and simple visual guide to help you spot the differences between the tables so you can be confident with your purchase and make sure you’re getting the right piece of furniture for you.

New York Live Edge Fixed Top Table

live edge.jpg
untitled-0009 (5).jpg
untitled-0011 (2).jpg

Smaller by size compared to the other tables in the collection, not by much though, this table comes in at W180cm | H76cm | D90cm

The main feature of this table is that it is made around the live edges of the wood and the naturalistic elements are preserved

New York Harlem Fixed Top Dining Table

untitled-0902 (1).jpg

This table is the same size as the Original New York Fixed Top Dining Table however it is also available in a larger size, going from W200cm to W240cm

This table has many unique features making it distinct from the other tables in the collection, such as the bolt detail at each corner of the table

The table is the chunkiest out of the 3, both table top and legs

The Harlem leg is the main feature of this table, the chunky cross shaped legs are connected by a rustic beam detail creating a unique statement

The New York Harlem is one of the most industrial tables of Reclaim Nation

New York Fixed Top Dining Table

fixed top.jpg

The original New York table, carrying the same styling as the rest of the collection but in its own unique way

Although industrially designed, the table top and legs of this table are not as chunky as the other tables in the collection

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