New Year, New You? 4 Easiest Ways To Be More Sustainable This Year
1. Switch up your commute
In the UK, transport emissions are a major contributor to climate change. But you can help reduce them by choosing alternative forms of travel like public transportation or cycling - even walking short distances has an impact! So why not ditch your car and be kinder to Earth while taking care of yourself at the same time?
2. Need new winter clothing ? Consider repairing and second hand clothes
With one million tonnes of textile waste per year in the UK alone, we can all make a difference for our environment by being mindful about how and what clothes we purchase. Start with investing in quality clothing that will last longer, washing your clothing less often to save energy and water resources and finally repairing or donating them when their lifespan ends - these simple steps could help reduce greenhouse gas emissions significantly!
3. Want to give your home a brand new look? Explore reclaimed furniture 
Protecting our planet has never been easier or more stylish! By choosing reclaimed wood furniture over new, you can help prevent deforestation and reduce emissions. With characterful charm the Brooklyn extendable dining table is an eco-friendly addition to any home that doesn't compromise on style - take a look at our site now for your perfect piece of second hand chic!